Monday, April 27, 2009

My pre-wedding season vacation

*** note ***
we are healthy and not affected in any way by the swine flu. We returned to the US on April 16th far ahead of the outbreaks.

In the last 12 months I've traveled quite a bit. I've even been to a few sunny locations like Hawaii and Key West. Even though it might seem like I've been on lot's of "vacations"... none of them can measure up to 5 days of nothing-ness all while enjoying it with your husband.

We stayed at the Riu Palace all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The weather was between 80-84 degrees and the only cloud we saw in the sky was on our last day. It took a good day for us to both unwind and actually believe that we were BOTH on this vacation with no responsibilities. No child to potty-train, no dog to feed, no dishes to do, no emails to write... by the second day I told Andy that I had nothing on my mind. No images in my head and no thoughts coming to mind; this has not happened for me in at least 3 years.

Besides laying in the sun we both read 500(ish) page books. I read Twilight and Andy read a thriller. If you know me, I do not read books very often. I'm more of a magazine or blog reader. So for me to finish a book in that short of time is pretty cool. (I could do an entire Twilight review post...)

We also tried out boogie boarding. My friend Marina Miller from Honolulu would be proud that I caught the very first wave with my "rad moves". We only had a little bit of time in the ocean but it was sooooo much fun!

The Riu Palace was excellent. The food was great, the service was amazing, the rooms were modern and soooo comfy, the room service was so much fun and free... I could go on and on.

The only downfall of our entire trip was on the flight from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta... the airline maintenance crew missed flipping a switch that flowed the water to the plane's restrooms. About one hour into our flight the captain came on "we are headed back to Chicago". We had to land, wait almost 2 hours and get on another plane... United Airlines made good on the blunder by offering us $150 towards our next ticket purchase and a free cocktail.

Here are some snapshots from our trip... taken with an 7 year old digital point and shoot camera.

My next "vacation" is only a few weeks away... I will be shooting a destination wedding in Punta Cana for an amazing Kaukauna couple. I am taking Miranda of Reminisce Photography and Design as my second shooter.

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  1. Lucky! That sounds like such an awesome vacation!!
    I'm glad you and Andy had a good time.

  2. Awww! How cute are you two?? Glad you could get away before the craziness of the wedding season sets in!!

  3. Good for you guys to get away from it all, despite your busy schedules I'm so jealous -- I could totally use a vacation without worrying about potty-training, feeding the dog, middle-of-night feedings.... Ours is coming in July - Vegas baby!! And if that getaway goes well, then one in August for a few more days. Save room in your summer for a Farwell Girls Reunion the end of June or first week in July when Mel is home!!

  4. Puerto Vallarta is my fave place of all time. The sunsets are spectacular, the mountain and ocean views are incredible. The nightlife rocks, and the cuisine is amongst the best I've ever nibbled upon. I so need to go back.



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