Friday, January 18, 2008

Wedding Photography Trends - 2008

What are some of the latest trends emerging in wedding photography?

Day After sessions are one of the latest trends in wedding photography. Gone are the days of 'pre-bridal' sessions and worrying about getting your dress dirty. Brides and grooms can participate in a variety of fun, romantic and even sexy sessions after their actual wedding day. Sessions can be done one week, one month or even years after the big day.

There are a variety of session types including the "trash the dress" session that has been making national headlines. A typical "trash the dress" session starts out with a bride in her wedding gown and a unique location. Artfully posed in a beautiful environment with dramatic lighting lends it's style to a high-fashion type of photo. Most of the trash the dress style sessions end with the bride in her gown laying in sand or dirt or even in a pool of water.

The name "Trash the Dress" is sometimes misleading. It is a catchy name for artistic photos taken in unusual places. I like to call my sessions the "fearless bridal". Because whether or not you actually trash your dress is up to you. Most of the time a little water doesn't hurt the dress and a little dirt can be dry-cleaned making the dress as good as new. If you are worried about ruining your dress you can talk to me before the shoot about location options or even wear another gown.
dramapiece of flair

all 4 love

The reasons some brides choose to do a day after session:
• Want to try a different hair or makeup technique
• Wants to be more sexy with poses
• More time to get artistic photos in another location
• Less stressful
• Not worried about getting the dress dirty
• Feels so beautiful in gown and want to wear it again
• Gift for groom
• Fun!

I had the honor to quote on this trend in the most recent issue of Wisconsin Bride Magazine. For more info see the next post.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wisconsin Bride Magazine Spring/Summer 2008

I have been interviewed in the trash the dress article in this issue of Wisconsin Bride Magazine. I was contacted last summer by the writer of the article. She found my information right here on this blog. I am very honored to have been selected to share my views on this growing trend.

My bride Janelle Jandrain was also quoted in the article. We had so much fun during her after session! She told me it was one of the coolest things she had ever done.

I've been published!
To download a copy of the entire article please follow this link.

I will write a little more today about the fearless bridal sessions that are available from Ardent Photography.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Party under the willow tree!

party under the willow!
©2007 Ardent Photography LLC

I am in the process of filling a few orders. I came across this lovely formal photo from September of 2007. I love the tree, the colors and the pose of the wedding party.

The past two days I've been smiling ear to ear. I just love going back to the weddings I've photographed. I remember the moments and I love seeing what photos you choose for your prints. I am so honored to be part of such a special day in your life. It is so fulfilling to know that these photographs will be treasured by your family forever.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Premier Bride

I have my ad in Premier Bride Magazine. I have been on the waiting list since 2005 and this year I finally had the opportunity to advertise in it. When I got married this publication was the one place I found many of my vendors. I would page through it and dream about how wonderful everything would be. I cannot wait until I get to see the printed copy. I should be getting a bunch to hand out to my brides.

Let me know if you saw my ad... I may have something special just for you!

Ardent Photography Ad - Premier Bride Winter/Spring 08
I also have been published in Wisconsin Bride Magazine. I have not yet found a copy in the stores... as soon as I get my hands on one I will photograph the article and post it here.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Eve Engagement Session

simple embrace
©2007 Ardent Photography LLC

This image was shot at the subway station in downtown Boston. It is part of an engagement session I second shot for Gwyneth Colleen Photography, Durham, NH. Gwyn was directing the shoot while I got to run around and find unique angles to capture the couple.

I especially love this photo because of the water droplets and the selective focus. I just love the high contrast black and white conversion I did on this photo. To see more of this set please click on the photo and browse my flickr stream.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wrapping up 2007 in Beantown!

©2007 Gwyneth Collen Photography

This image was taken by Gwyn outside Old North Church near the Paul Revere statue on Boston's North End. This dog tag memorial represents one dog tag for every US soldier who sacrificed their life in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Happy New Year!

I'm finally able to blog about my amazing trip to Boston. The day I flew out I was able to bum around the city and take photos of all the wonderful eye candy. Let me tell you, as an Art History Major emphasis in architecture I was in HEAVEN!!! From the details on the doors of buildings to the way things were decorated for the holidays, every little thing made me smile and thank God that I was able to be there.

I flew into Boston on the evening of December 29. This was the first trip I have taken with all my gear. It was actually a breeze to get through security and carry my case through the airport. Gwyn picked me up at the airport and we talked "shop" all the way to her house in New Hampshire. The next morning the little sweetie made homemade pancakes for breakfast! After a quick gear check we loaded up the car and headed to downtown Boston.

Once we found our parking ramp ;-) we sought out the nearest Starbucks - we probably passed about 10 Dunkin' Donuts on the way! Once we had our caffeine and food we went up to the 33rd floor of 60 State Street. I don't know how many times I said the word "wow" after walking off that elevator. The venue was insane (new buzz word learned from Gwyn) and the views were the best of Boston.

Soon after we arrived and did a quick location scout we met the bride then the groom. This was the first wedding I ever shot where the bride and groom saw each other before the ceremony. The look on their faces when they first laid eyes on each other was priceless. The bride and groom were so relaxed in their pre-ceremony photos and during the ceremony. I love the idea of getting the jitters out of the way by seeing each other before the ceremony!

Everything about this wedding was top-notch. During the cocktail hour they had a performance artist that handed out fortunes to the wedding guests. The bride and groom had a personal waiter/assistant supplied by the venue. The woman always had a drink or an hors de oeuvres platter in hand for the bride and groom. She always knew where they where at all times - this was a big help for us because the State Room had two levels.

In all I was very honored to capture this special day for the bride and groom. I am currently processing files from the wedding and the engagement session I did. I will post more soon!