Thursday, January 8, 2009

Every Little Moment...

In 2008 I had the great pleasure of meeting for the first time Samantha and Aubrey at WPPI in Las Vegas. We shared a room together and got all dolled up and went to parties. I learned a lot about the two ladies and knew I wanted to someday shoot beside them.

In October I had a double header wedding weekend that required a second shooter. They were available and I flew them out to shoot with me that weekend. They helped shoot the weddings of Lizzie and Mike as well as Kathy and Jeremiah.

Of course they stayed a few extra days and we were able to do some fun photo sessions (and girlie stuff like makeup at the MAC counter and pedicures). Here are two of my favorites of them... and if you look a couple posts down you can see their work on our New Year's Day cards.

Samantha Nicole Johnson

Aubrey Robison

Please check out their blog and website at


  1. I *heart* this photo of Aubrey. She looks SMOKIN!!!

    (Also...she might kill you for spelling her name wrong... :)

  2. I fixed it!!! I never knew that wasn't her name!!! Now she is really gonna kill me!!!


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