Monday, November 17, 2008

Kathy and Jeremiah :: Married!

Kathy and Jeremiah
October 11, 2008
Smith Park Menasha
Ridgeview Country Club - Neenah


Jeremiah and Kathy contacted me a few months before their wedding ceremony. It was a little short notice... and I already had a wedding booked out of town the day before. There was just something about these two that I really liked and I wanted to shoot their wedding!!!

Kathy's beautiful white wedding gown stood out sooo beautifully against Jeremiah's dress blues. I have shot a lot of weddings where the groom was in the military, but none wore their dress uniform. The colors, the formality, it was pretty cool to capture this wedding.

Another awesome part of this wedding day were my special second and third shooters. Aubrey Robinson and Samantha Johnson of Every Little Moment Photography - Salt Lake City, Utah. We totally rocked the day's photos and it was such a blast to be able to second shoot at my own ceremony. I totally trusted these girls and they delivered beautiful photographs that were well exposed and artfully composed.

Kathy was filled with so much emotion. I love seeing in a bride's eyes when they are so ready, so in love, so right.



Jeremiah's daughter is a budding photographer... Aubrey and Samantha had a blast sharing their expensive cameras with the little girl.



Here are some of my many many favorites from the day...










And a quote from the bride:
Thank You Amy!!

The photos are beautiful. Everything Jeremiah and I dreamed of. You did an amazing job... Once again we are so thankful to have had you be a part of our day. You truly captured everything we wanted and did a job beyond our expectations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Kathy S.


  1. Wonderful day! I love a military wedding and you did such a great job! Your clients are very pleased I am sure.

  2. what an interesting group shot, Amy!!

  3. This is Tom Launius. We met briefly on Tuesday at Charlie and Carol's house. I visited your blog. You were right in saying that it was extensive, but you didn't also say that it was beautiful! It's very well laid out and appealing. From your photography, I can see that you not only have talent but also heart. You bring out the goodness in your clients!

  4. Amy these are just terrific! The two in front of that large window are my favorite though they really are all so spectacular!

    I've shot one military wedding and have 2 more coming up in '09...I hope one of them wears a dress outfit. It is impressive indeed!

  5. I love the emotions you've captured with this bride. Beautiful work.


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