Thursday, March 6, 2008

Into the City :: Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gwyn and I got picked up at the Super 8 Motel during an impromtu photo session. Gwyn snapped this photo of me right before Ali and the guys came to pick us up. I love the vision she had and the way she composed the shot.

That afternoon we drove up to the city... I ended up not having a place to stay with the rest of the girls so I booked a bed at the Pacific Tradewinds Youth Hostel. I got dropped off at the hostel and needed to hike up four flights of stairs to register. The hostel greeted me with open arms and a glass of water from a handsome Scottish man. There was a guy from Chicago, another from France and a couple of girls from Sweden. I was lucky to stay in an all girl room, but I had to sleep on the top bunk.
hostel employees decor

That night myself and a couple of people in town for the wedding went in search for the "Saloon" but ended up at the Giovanni Brothers bar. This bar was so unique. First off, it was decorated in Pittsburgh Steelers memorabelia, served hamburgers and sandwiches with slaw and fries on top and had live Bluegrass music every night.

After a few drinks we decided to explore the city. On the way to Lomard St. we stopped at a gelato shop and got some tasty gelato. Then we found it, the curviest street in America - or is that in the world? Anyway, we walked right up to the street and up the hill. Susannah and I took the "safe" route up the stairs while the two boys walked right up the middle of the street. On the way back we ooo'd and aahh'd at all the neat architecture and we were all so happy to be in the city!

gelatoLombard St. - view from the top

top of hill Lombard St.


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