Friday, March 7, 2008

Leap Day - Part I :: Friday, February 29, 2008

The morning of the wedding I had to shower and get ready in the hostel. They had 2 showers and one toilet on our floor. It was pretty nice, but they had no hooks except for inside the shower stall. So in order to change and shower in private you needed to put your towel and all of your clothes inside the shower stall with you. I managed to keep everything dry except for my socks.

Soon after I was ready I called up the Sir Frances Drake hotel, my accommodations for the rest of the trip. They were able to get me into my room at 10:00 am! I was so happy because I was stressing out on how and were I was going to store my gear and luggage.

When I arrived at the hotel my draw hit the floor. It was so gorgeous!!! It was like I went from budget traveler to 4 stars in 15 minutes. My room was beautifully decorated.The bathroom had Aveda products, animal print bathrobes and slippers. It was a nice welcome.

Marina arrived in San Francisco a little early and I invited her to join me in the room. She had the chance to change a camera strap and figure out the big daddy - the D3!!! Check out this shot she got....

Our first photo session of the day happened in China Town. Rachel and Ali are pretty cool and really wanted to urban setting for their bridal session. Marina was the main photographer but she was nice enough to let Gwyn and I tag along for a little second shooting. I ended up holding the reflector for some of Marina's shots. A reflector is a large white or shiny disk that reflects light into the subject. It adds light in shadows and into the eyes. I love the look of a reflector so I was excited to hold it for Marina.

Here are some of the shots I took:
city stroll modern - bride

elegance in a box moulin rouge


  1. I want in on some of your travels!! ...Vegas aside.

    Can't wait to hang out Amy!


  2. these are LOVELY amy. You sure know how to make a gal look good!

  3. Hey I know Rachel! I didn't know you shot their wedding! Way cool! :) Rachel looks amazing!

  4. Hey I know Rachel! I didn't know you shot their wedding! Way cool! :) Rachel looks amazing!


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