Sunday, March 9, 2008

Leap Day - Part II :: Friday, February 29, 2008

Rachel and Ali chose a very unique day to be married. Leap day comes once every 4 years... I'm not sure exactly why they chose that day - but I really think it totally unique and sooo very them! Rachel is a wedding photographer based in Boston. I'm pretty sure she chose this day in February because this month is usually pretty slow for weddings. (She shoots weddings all over the world. I am second shooting for her in Boston in September. She is a co-moderator for a pro-photography forum with me.)

So the wedding was held at the Bentley Reserve.... a very nice place with a beautiful interior. The ceremony and reception were both held here. The ceremony, a traditional Persian wedding was something I've never witnessed before. It was formal, yet casual. I was lucky to get some security guards to grant me clearance to a balcony that was under construction. All of my shots of the ceremony are taken from above. I just love being in a place where no one expects me to be.

shot of the day

The rings Ali's dad with a congrats!

After the ceremony I was able to do some family and friend group shots. I actually like doing these kind of shots.... as long as the people are cooperative and look at my camera - not all the people taking photos around me ;-)

Between the ceremony and the reception there was a break in festivities. Gwyn, Marina, Liz (makeup artist from HI) walked down the street to eat and the bride and groom where whisked away in a taxi for a private dinner. After we were finished eating we made our way back to the room with all our gear and downloaded files, chatted on flickr and blogged. Rachel got a quick makeup and hair refresher from Liz... and then it was time for the Grand Entrance.... and Grand it was!!!

details the evening look... framing beauty

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  1. thanks for taking all these Amy! you are a pleasure to be around on a bride's most stressful day. gah!!! people are everywhere!!!! can't wait to hang out more soon.


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