Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Fact Friday - the perfect groom's gift

Fact: A fun, easy and sexy boudoir session can influence how you feel about yourself as well as serve as the perfect groom's gift!

In the new Fall/Winter 2009 Wisconsin Bride Magazine a reader asks a question about boudoir photography. She was interested but wanted more information on the actual session. I was interviewed by Wisconsin Bride Magazine for my expertise in boudoir photography.

The article states that it is important to find a photographer with a great reputation and excellent photography skills. My boudoir photography business, Unveiled Portraits, not only exhibits these qualities but goes beyond to make the entire experience one to remember. From upscale boutique hotels to tasty refreshments, I want to make sure you are comfortable and pampered.

The process starts with a questionnaire that helps me understand who the session is for, what drives him wild about you and what your inhibitions are. I work with you to photograph stunning sexy photos that will compliment your body just the way it is. No matter what size you are and no matter what your age.

It is my greatest honor to hear testimonials from women who have been photographed in an Unveiled Portraits session. It makes me so proud to help women see themselves in a new light. I believe every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel that way about herself.

One of my favorite testimonials "This is like the coolest, most effective confidence boost, ever!! I bet this is how our husbands see us all the time – they see all the great stuff while us ladies sometimes focus only on the not-so-good. I hope there’s a way to tell ladies that this will boost their confidence as well as make a fantastic gift for their hubbies.

Here are some images from the article in the Fall/Winter 2009 Wisconsin Bride Magazine that is on store shelves now!

If you have any questions about boudoir photography or would like to see a private gallery of images please contact me.

Have you thought of boudoir photography? What are your biggest concerns with a boudoir session?

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  1. Amy, nice work in the mag - I love how you shot the parts related to your business!! Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to do it...


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