Monday, November 10, 2008

Naomi and Ryan :: Engaged!

Naomi and Ryan are a fun funky couple living in Milwaukee. Their August 8, 2008 wedding will be held at the Astor Hotel in Milwaukee.

Naomi and Ryan

I had a blast doing their engagement session in the Third Ward and on the grounds of the famous Santiago Calatrava addition of the Milwaukee Art Museum on the lake front.

inside the belly of the beast

This couple is all about style. You can see from the outfits they put together to the shoes on their feet...

shoes part I

I can't wait to photograph their wedding next summer!


in her eyes

stand as art

this color!

he spun her FAST!

shoes part II


seeing red

the colors!


  1. oh man! another pretty redhead. for all the Scandinavian and Irish people in Boston you'd think I would find more.

    That shot with them in the art museum lobby is stunning. I just added it to my inspiration gallery.

  2. these are so fantastic. esp that one. you know which one. mmmmm.

    but it's so tall i can't see the whole thing w/o scrolling. :(


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