Sunday, June 15, 2008

Laura and Rocky :: May 31, 2008

Laura and Rocky were a blast to photograph. From the getting ready shots to the reception... the entire day was filled with emotion.

Laura dressed at her parent's home in Green Bay. This room was absolutely perfect for the final phase of "getting ready" - the lighting was beautiful and the room had great space.

the preparation

These earrings are real diamonds were loaned to the bride (along with a diamond and sapphire bracelet and necklace) from their jeweler in Chicago.

diamond earings

I love dramatic angles and selective focus. Here, I focused on her grandmother's ring (her something old) and also captured a beautiful smile as she looked up at her parents on the deck.


Aren't they gorgeous!?



Rocky was sooo excited as they left church he did a heel click. I was literally "shooting from the hip" for this shot. I am sooo happy I captured this moment!

heel click

A funny moment produced a terrific smile from Laura - guys.... you know what I'm talkin' bout!!!!!!

This image was captured on the road leading up to Thornberry Creek Country Club.
one of my favs

Here are some more teasers from the day...

love in her eyes

place card pots


bird's eye view

rocks on rocks

exit shot

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