Friday, May 9, 2008

Rachel & Eric :: April 26, 2008

I was fortunate to be a shooter and a guest at Rachel and Eric's wedding. Rachel and I have been friends for about 5 years. We were both teachers at Marcia's School of Dance and spent a lot of time together dancing at workshops and on stage.

When Rachel started dating Eric I used them as my very first "sample engagement" session. Imagine Rachel asking Eric after only a few weeks of dating if it was alright to model as an engaged couple. During that session I knew that they were some day going to be married.

When Rachel called to tell me that he finally popped the question and that they were getting married in 4 months I was sooo happy! She asked me about shooting her wedding, and although I was honored that she asked, I told her that I don't do wedding photography for neither close friends or family. For me it is just too difficult to do an amazing job if I have Aunties or old college buddies wanting to talk to me all day.

So I referred a couple of photographer's names to her and Dave Jackson's name rang a bell. I told her I though he was awesome and that she should meet with him right away. One week later she had him booked.

Since then Dave and I have met for coffee and shot together while at WPPI in Las Vegas. He is a really nice guy and doesn't hold back. The great thing for me is that he allowed me to second shoot for him during Rachel and Eric's wedding.

I got some great photos... here are some of the highlights!


A prayer before walking down the aisle

Eric the butcher

windy and cold

Miss Rachel

A laugh with Dave

the mob

the toss


  1. Thanks Amy!
    We're always up for visitors! We'll show you all the hot spots of exotic Utah!

  2. YAAAAY!!! Awesome shots buddy! It was a pleasure to shoot with you too Amy. I'm looking forward to June 21st!! ...more coffee soon, ok?



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