Monday, May 5, 2008


Three of my images I shot as a fan at the Packers vs. Seahawks playoff game were published in Community Connection News (CCN)- a Milwaukee magazine. I was surprised to find an email from an editor in my in box a few months ago. When they told me they were using my images as full page spreads I didn't really believe them...

Last week I received a large envelope with the latest printed issue of CCN Magazine. I opened right to my image. Ha! There they were three full pages of my Packers glory... The funniest thing is, I used an kit lens from an old film camera. It had a pretty wide range and I didn't care if it got damaged by snow... overall the quality is ok. But if I would have know that some of the images I shot that day were going to be full page in a magazine I might have brought some better glass!

Oh, and an editor from the magazine wants me to let you all know that the magazine is on newsstands now. You can purchase your own copy at Walgreens, Cops and Pick N' Save stores.


Cover photo of #4 is not mine ;-)

To see more images from that game please visit my flickr stream...

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