Thursday, October 4, 2007

Heels on the Side

Heels on the Side, originally uploaded by Ardent Photography.

This photo is from the last of 5 weddings in September. This was my second marathon shooting spree this season. It was a blast.

This wedding had the largest wedding party I've ever shot! There were 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen, two bell-ringers, a miniature bride, a miniature groom and 2 ushers. It took a lot of work to keep everyone together and organized but we were able to capture all the special moments the bride and groom wanted. Including a balloon release!

This weekend I am planning on doing a "Fearless Bride/Trash the Dress" session. I will keep you posted on what location we end up with... it has been a hassle since the Green Bay Botanical Gardens are now closed on the weekend. We'll make it work.

UPDATE: Craig from CS Photography in Milwaukee is coming up on Sunday to join me in a few sessions. He is actually going to do some photos of myself in a gown which I am very excited about! Then we are headed down to Oshkosh to do a "Fearless Bride/Trash the Dress" session at M. Schettl, then we are off to a farm location in Kaukauna.

I can't wait to shoot tomorrow. I will post a photo in a few days.

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