Monday, October 8, 2007

At an Angle

At an Angle, originally uploaded by Ardent Photography.
©2007 Ardent Photography LLC

This shot is the second (only to one lighting test shot I did) of an unbelievable day of shooting. The location was in Kaukauna, Wisconsin at my Aunt Patti's farm. The bride is from July 14, 2007 and this day she was completely fearless!

©2007 CS Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Janelle and Eric again - and I invited the Great Scoobs of CS Photography in Milwaukee (aka Craig) to shoot along side me. It was so much fun feeding off of all the energy in the air. I almost couldn't sleep a wink last night because every shot kept popping out again in my mind. This shot was sniped by Craig. I love the way he composed the shot and the colors are amazing! Thanks for taking this!

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