Monday, August 16, 2010

Extreme Makeover Home Edition - Who's that Bus?


Ever since "the bus" has rolled into the 'hood nothing has quite been the same... actually, it never will be. A deserving family was swept off their feet and the entire community has turned up to tear down, cheer on, and rebuild a statement home that says "dreams really do come true".

The attitude is infectious. Everyone walking by as a forward tilt of enthusiasm in their step. So many people signed up to volunteer that they are turning turning people away. I signed up to do a number of specialized tasks via the online volunteer contact sheet. But since there are no need for more volunteers in blue shirts I decided to do what I could in my own way.

For one I am doing a behind-the-scenes photo essay on this blog and we are planning on putting a giant twitter hashtag (#emhewi) in our front lawn. Another idea we had was to host a water bottle sale on our lawn and donate the money to the build. We are bringing goodies to the Extreme Security and NPD. But most of all just sharing a smile and a wave as onlookers walk by.

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