Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maryanne & Mike :: Green Bay wedding

July 11, 2009 - Green Bay, WI

Maryanne and Mike planned a long distance wedding all the way from Seattle. I was fortunate enough to see them in Seattle when I did their engagement session last December. Maryanne and Mike swiped me up from the airport (I had a long layover on my way to my photo retreat to Hawaii) and we did a fly by night engagement session in Kerry Park. It was great! I was so excited to shoot their wedding.

Here are some of my favorites...

Another personal touch was Maryanne's mantilla veil which was her mother's from her wedding many years ago.

It was important for Maryanne to be married in her hometown church. The priest that married them was Maryanne's cousin, which made the entire ceremony personal and meaningful.

Most of the groomsmen were from the West Coast and they had a fun time making fun of our Wisconsin accents.

I love having the guys hassle the groom...

We were so lucky to find this old firehouse in Green Bay that matched the colors of their wedding...

Their first dance was a Salsa... wow - another great wedding full of fancy dancing!


  1. That bouquet shot and the toast shot are the BOMB! Super great work, as always. I might have to try some dark, moody reception images like these this weekend!

  2. Amy this are absolutely stunning.-Jodi B

  3. Awesome. Great shots. I really love your photos.


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