Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Fact Friday - What's with the guest book?

Fun Fact: I'm not really sure the exact origin of the guest book at weddings.
so I researched it just a bit...

It turns out that originally it was to start a listing addresses for thank you's and for the new couple's formal address book. It was of course to also document the people who attended your celebration... but is this really the case anymore? I'm sure if a couple needed an address of one of their guests wouldn't they already have it since they sent them an invite?

So what is the purpose of signing a guest book have today?

I see more than just plain lined guest books at weddings. This allows couples to customize their keepsake and it may also allow guests to write more than just their names. Allowing for even further customization and well wishes for the couple to cherish forever.

Some things I've seen are the classic photo and mat in frame. A ceramic bowl, puzzle pieces, poloraid photos signed and posted to a decorated board. I've seen a display with large willow branches where guests could hang well wishes... and a decorative birdcage where guests could toss in a piece of paper with a loving note for the bride and groom.

The possibilities are really endless....

One thing that I personally have fallen in love with is the custom photo guest book. A custom guest book will feature 20+ pages of photos from your engagement session. The images are carefully designed to allow space for guests to write. A guest book attendant is suggested to ensure that guests use the correct pen and that the messages are distributed throughout the book. Of course I love photography... but it is such a wonderful heirloom from your wedding. Easy enough to store on a shelf and intimate enough to sit down and read and bring back memories.

Here are a few photos of a guest book I did for Joanna and Ben...

What unique ideas for guest books have you seen or done? What sort of guest book are you planning for your wedding guests... or have you not even thought about it yet?

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