Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun Fact Friday - Always be Prepared

I started Fun Fact Friday last week... I am excited to bring you fun little tidbits of information.

I have my own version of an emergency bridal kit

Most brides will put together a little kit containing a needle and thread, hairspray, pain reliever, bobby pins, antacid, shout wipes... I'm sure every bride customizes their kit with many sorts of items.

For my emergency kit I carry a slew of items...

For the bride and groom:
• 8 golf size umbrellas in case of rain
• Towel to dry or clean an area the bride may want to sit
• Water bottles for the couple
• Nice smelling bug spray for shooting with mosquitoes!

For my photography:
• Duplicate cameras, lenses, flashes, media cards and batteries - I have back up equipment for everything!
• Plastic bags so I can shoot in wet weather
• Contact information of other photography professionals in case of emergency

For myself:
• Advil
• Water
• Granola bar/snacks
• Extra socks in case I get my feet wet during the perfect shot
• Printed maps - just in case GPS isn't right
• Extra contacts, solution and glasses

You can never be to prepared. Every wedding I am confident that I am fully prepared for anything.

What is in your wedding day emergency kit?


  1. I also carry a brides emergency kit with me and it's been used several times :)

    Awesome list :)

  2. Great photos - and great tips! I don't do a whole lot of weddings, but I know a lot that do and this is a GREAT kit!!

    Although, in Phoenix, the umbrellas aren't as important! ;-)


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