Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Katherine and John :: Wedding

Katherine and John Keech - August 30th, 2008
Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Katherine and John were a referral from my great friend Mellissa Bunkelman. Melissa has referred at least two couples to me in the last couple of years... Thank you sooo much for telling so many people about Ardent Photography!!!

A ballerina's neckline...

This couple planned their Wisconsin wedding from Seattle, Washington. I would bet it is quite difficult to plan a wedding from a distance... even more impressive... they are both doctors in their final years of residency.

My dance partner for life

Katherine is from Manitowoc and grew up a dancer. She actually studied ballet professionally! I knew she would be an amazing subject for me. Not only was she easy to "pose" but I could communicate with her in a language only dancers know. I could say "feet in first" and she would totally understand ;-)

Church details

Everything about their wedding was great. Their church was amazing... boasting one of Wisconsin's longest aisle, beautiful stained glass, and a cool priest who let me have exclusive access to the church's side chapel - a dream angle for church photography.

Little details

Their cake was one of the best cakes I've ever, ever, ever, had. It was both regular cake and cheesecake! Yum... Baked by Bakery on State in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Their DJ was fun and people danced like crazy...
A reception full of dancers


  1. Yeah Amy! I have been waiting to see the photos of this wedding! They are beautiful. The cake was from Bakery on State in Manitowoc.


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