Thursday, September 11, 2008

A time to reflect...

Bell of Hope

September 11th has it's place in my heart first off because it is my birthday. And it is because of this connection I feel drawn even more to the tragedy that struck 7 years ago.

I was fortunate to have visited the site of the attacks last Sunday. As we emerged from the subway stairs and saw the construction site to the left I was instantly taken. It took all I could to keep walking and looking... trying to suppress the images in my head from that very day. This is where is all went down.

We spent a lot of time at St. Paul's Chapel directly across the street from Ground Zero. I was not only amazed that the church suffered no damage from the attack, but I was in awe of the generosity and refuge that this establishment supplied in the months after 9/11.

I felt compelled to photograph the things in and around the chapel. Here is a small collection of some of my images.

In Rememberance

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