Thursday, April 17, 2008

WPPI 2008 :: Rockstar Photographers

Day 5 - Sunday

Our WPPI 2008 Flickr Group had it's very first meet-up at the Venetian Hotel's Grand Lux Cafe. Those in attendance were Kate Nadine, Danielle, Zach (Goody), Kelly A. Lee, Corey Ann, Kelly, Aubrey, Samantha Nicole and Melissa Brown. After we ate and chatted we walked the shops at the Venetian and saw the Gondolas.

A group shot of the WPPI 2008 Flickr group:

From left to right: Kelly, Amy, Melissa, Kelly, Corey, Kate and Danielle.

That afternoon the trade show opened, the first class was taught and the parties began. We were invited to the Robert Evans - Photography Mentor/Sara France GoBee Party in a penthouse suite at Mandalay Bay. The party was really cool. They had a photobooth and a airbrush tattoo artist. Many amazing photographers also were in attendance - I got to have some pretty cool conversations with Anne Ruthmann, Jesh de Rox and Becker. I also got to meet some amazing up and coming photographers such as Mel Barlow, Abby Rose, Pepper Nix and Punam Bean.

Some photos from the party:

Jesh and the Flickr Girls
Photo by Anne Ruthmann
Aubrey, Melissa, Jesh, Samantha and Amy

WPPI 2008
Photo courtesy of Melissa's point and shoot.
Samantha, Aubrey, Becker, Amy and Melissa.

WPPI 2008
Photo courtesy of Melissa's point and shoot.
Amy, Aubrey, Mel, Melissa, Jesh and Samantha.

Photo courtesy of Foto Cabina Photo Booth - SOOOO much fun!!!!

We snuck out of the Photography Mentor Party to check out the Pixel 2 Canvas party. We were able to meet Kevin, the inventor of the RadioPopper flash trigger device. I was able to test the RadioPoppers on my camera...all I can say is it is so very cool. I cannot wait for mine to be shipped!

Kevin - the brains behind Radiopopper!

That night we stayed up quite late... but it was sooooo worth it ;-)

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