Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Exciting news for Ardent Photography!

I am excited to announce that I am an Associate Photographer with m three studio in Milwaukee!
(photo by Spottswood Photography)

I am so excited that Molly and I have come together in this business venture! Molly and I clicked the first time we met (no photography pun intended) and our photographic styles and backgrounds are incredibly similar. Since our first shoot out together in in the Spring of 2008 we have not only shot weddings together and traveled together but we have relied on each other in many aspects of our lives and our businesses.

What does all of this mean for you? Well, I've already booked a limited number of weddings for 2010 for Ardent Photography. But because I want to keep up with a higher level of shooting and not the high level of administration work (that goes along with all of those weddings) I will be shooting the remainder of my open 2010 dates with weddings through m three studio. Molly will be handling all of the communication with clients, the editing of your images (so you get that signature m three studio look), albums and prints, and I will be the one shooting your engagement session and wedding day.

At this time we have booked several weddings for 2010 under m three studio...

Important note: Ardent Photography will continue to book it's own weddings for 2011 and the future. I am currently accepting 2011 inquiries for Ardent Photography.

See an example of my work with that m three studio touch...

See Molly's blog for more if you would like to book us for your 2010 wedding!

Edited to add:
I am not closing Ardent Photography. I am not selling or merging Ardent Photography. I am still accepting wedding clients and still shooting weddings and boudoir.

For 2010 I decided to lower my work load a bit by not taking on 28+ weddings. My personal wedding goal for 2010 was to shoot 10 weddings. I felt like this is a great number to service my clients with exceptional quality and service. I've now booked my goal for 2010.

Since I will be spending the summer of 2010 shooting those 10 weddings and caring for and loving my new little baby girl (and 3 year old son...) I decided more time would be needed. This means less time during the week in meetings and less time editing lots and lots of images. This way I can still do what I love, which is shooting. I've decided to partner with m three studio for 2010 wedding season as an associate shooter in addition to the 10 weddings for Ardent Photogaraphy. This means I'm taking on a select number of weddings with m three studio... which I'm super excited about because I get to do all the creative fun stuff - shooting weddings!

I am currently accepting 2011 wedding inquiries and plan to accept up to 20 weddings commissions - so if you are newly engaged contact me soon! These open dates will go quickly!

I am excited to continue to shoot boutique boudoir sessions as Unveiled Portraits by Ardent Photography. Because this venture has been soooo successful for me I also want to keep a few open weekends during the summer months to host sessions.

Business has never been so great! I love all my clients and am excited to shoot their weddings and boudoir sessions in 2010.


  1. Congrats!!!! I am hoping to enter into this type of arrangement myself so it's soo good to know it can be done! I hope it is everything you wish for and more!!!

  2. Congrats! What a great way to keep up with what you love and still be home with your (growing) family. I recently made a similar change and it's been great so far. Good luck!

  3. So thrilled to have you on board Amy! It is always a joy to edit your work, and I can't wait to see what you create for m three studio!


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