Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun Fact Friday - photos of all your guests

Fact: There are several different ways to get images of all your guests at your wedding.

Of course there are the "table shots"... this is where the photographer runs around your reception and tries to catch all of the guests in between bites of their meal for a nice smiley photo. From a guests perspective... conversations stop and if they have been served food, they stop eating. From a photographer's perspective... I feel like I'm intruding as I ask guests for these shots. Many times half of the table needs to stand up behind 4 seated guests. But after getting all the tables completed I will have gotten a shot of every guest seated for dinner.

Another way of getting images of every person in attendance is to have multiple shooters. This is a wonderful way to approach the guests. One photographer can focus on candids and the other can be more responsible for some impromptu group shots. Having a second shooter at your wedding is a really good idea if you are having a large wedding. One photographer can cover your entire cocktail reception while the main photographer is with the wedding party doing the artistic shots. These photos are definately less contrived and usually they guests don't even realize they are being photographed - yielding natural body language.

A new and sort of trendy way of capturing guest photographs at your reception is the "out of the box" photo booth. This is a custom photo booth that is set up by your wedding photographer with lights, props and possibly a custom background. The best thing about having your wedding photographer do a custom photo booth is that there is a real live person taking the photos. The photographer can que your guests to do funny things and even recruit your guests to come and get their photos taken. A plain small 2 seater photo booth that you rent cannot do that.

At a recent wedding reception my Assistant Photographer, Natalie, and I ran a photo booth. It was sooo much fun! We had grandma's, kids, members of the wedding party and even the cake cutting take place in the "booth".
I really like the vintage/classic look of black and white images. With my photo booths I create the finished images as black and whites with sloppy borders with all 4 images on one sheet. The great thing about this is that the bride and groom can upgrade their photo booth to a package deal wich includes all the photos in a small album... a great way of remembering all the craziness and fun that went on during their wedding reception.

If you have any questions about a photo booth and would like to add one to your wedding coverage please contact me!

Have you thought about using a photo booth? Did you have one at your wedding?

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  1. What a great idea! These pictures look so fun, I love the 'unfinished sloppy' edges. Such a creative idea!


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